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If you have a text that you wish to have translated or if you would like your website to be brought into German or Spanish, I’m the one to call! You can also ask me if you need a translation of your (public) documents.


For I am a Graduate Translator and have spent quite a while abroad, I am most qualified to translate your text. I am furthermore authorized by the Regional Court, which means that I can also certify my translations.

I specialize in legal translations, that is mainly contracts, documents, certificates and diplomas. But I do also work in engineering and dedicate myself to humanities and literature. Every text is individual and therefore requires individual attention. I will treat each and every text with the same level of enthusiasm. Also, I would be happy to recommend qualified colleagues, should I not be in the position to provide assistance.


I would also gladly offer assistance in editing your resume in German or Spanish. Feel free to contact me in case you need someone to proofread your  paper, website  and/or other documents.

Feel free to give your feedback here.

Why a professional?

Value for money. There are a number of translators who offer their services for cheap prices. You run the risk, though, to entrust someone with translating your documents who does speak the language, but is not a professional translator. For in Germany everyone can call himself a „translator“.


Translating is more, though, than just putting words from one language into another. It is a trade that has to be learnt. A good translator should be able to proof their qualification, for example by diplomas and certificates. Also, being a member of a professional organization is a sign that you are dealing with a professional who guarantees meeting certain quality standards.

Why me?

          - professional


          - experienced


          - dedicated


          - individual consulting service

Feel free to contact me. Just give me a call or send me an e-mail.

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