The price for a translation is determined by the number of words contained in the original source text. If you send me a scan or even a word file of the text to be translated, I can give you a quote on the price and delivery date. Upon request, I can also give my quote per standard line (55 characters) or standard pages. In case of very urgent projects (due within 24 hours), I will charge an additional 25% per word.

Sworn translation

The price for a sworn translation is also determined by the number of words. In addition, there is a stamp fee for each document to be sealed. If you wish to use the sworn translation within Germany, my endorsement, seal and signature are usually all that is needed for the translation to have legal effect. If you wish to use the translation in another country that is not Germany, an apostille or in some cases a legalisation is required in addition to my attestation. Such apostille/legalisation is given at the regional court.


For revision/editing projects, the price is also determined by the number of words contained in the source text.The priced is a little bit lower than the price for the translation, as there is less time needed to perform the task. Any revision includes checking the language of the translated text as well as an analysis of the translation compared to the source text in terms of accuracy, terminology or mistranslations. We will set the revision parameters before starting the project.


For any interpreting service, my fee is determined by the actual time spent on-site interpreting. There will also be additional travel expenses, if applicable.