Legal Translations

© (v.l.n.r.) Robert Kneschke / Corgarashu /

Translation of legal documents such as contracts, agreements, terms and conditions, articles of association, expert’s reports, powers of attorney, excerpts from the register, court documents, records, deeds and public documents, papers, essays, press releases, blogs, newsletter articles ...


© vectorfusionart / snowing12 /

Translation of business and financial documents such as financial reports, annual statements, balance sheets, status reports, excerpts from the register, shareholder’s resolutions, bank information, websites, online shops, brochures, company documents, newsletter articles ...


© beats_ /

Translations in the area of Food&Drink such as cook books, recipes, guide books, menus, blogs, websites, newsletter articles ...

Certificates, Diplomas, Public Documents

© beinluck / chokniti /

Sworn translations of certificates, diplomas, birth certificates, marriage certificates,  criminal records, driving licenses, divorce decrees, certificates of no marriage, certificates from the civil register



© von links nach rechts: damark / thinglass / thodonal /

Revision and editing services for translations within quality assurance according to ISO standards.

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