Revising and Editing

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I am offering revising and editing services for translations

as part of your external quality management.

Purpose of Revision

It is not my job as a reviewer to change the whole text and style of my fellow translator in order to have a translation that reads as if I had done it myself. It is my job to correct any eventual defects that can be proven to be mistakes and that have not been detected by the translator. In the end, the purpose of a good revision job is to provide a translation product of improved quality in order to make the cusomer happy.

Thus, a good revision job is not marked by the quantity of corrections made,

but rather by the amount of the corrections that are absolutely necessary.

Certificate Revision for Translators




Last year, I enjoyed the BDÜ seminar and obtained their offical certificate 'Revision Skills'. I am now officially offering revision

services for translations in all of my specialty areas according to

common standards and specifications. This certificates also allows

me to work within ISO standards.

I obtained the certifcate in a wonderful seminar.

Read about this seminar in my blog (in German, though).

I am happy to answer any question you might have.

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Read more about my work in my blog.

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