Legal Translations

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Legal translations require:

high level of precision

expert knowledge in the legal field

Of utmost importance:

accuracy of content

on-time delivery

treat documents as highly confidential

As a holder of a university ‘Diplom’ in Translation Studies specializing in legal translations,

sworn translator before the Courts of Germany,

full member of the German Professionals’ Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ),

I offer high-quality translation services.

It is my pleasure to translate:

Contracts and agreements

Terms and conditions

Privacy policies

Service agreements

Articles of association and certificates of incorporation

Expert's reports, powers of attorney

Excerpts from the register

Court documents, records

Deeds and public documents

Papers, essays, press releases

Blogs, newsletter articles

... and other documents of legal content

Get in touch for

an individual free quote:

I stand out for:

particular care when working on your project

impeccable quality in any translation to the best of my knowledge and belief

on-time delivery within the agreed delivery term

treating any of your documents with absolute confidentiality

I treat any translation project with the highest level of care and put strong emphasis on high-quality translations. We are going to define the quality standards for your project. A service level agreement may secure the essential criteria. I offer flexible time management and individual customer service.

By the way: I am also answering to urgent requirements and rush orders.

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