translating legal texts...

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As Law was part of my university studies, it is only logical that I specialize in legal translations. There was a strong focus on Civil Law, Commercial Law and EU Law.


Later, when I returned from Canada and the US, I started to work in a Frankfurt law firm as Bilingual Secretary, where I was also able to provide translation services as In-house translator. That was mainly Contracts, Terms and Conditions. All general correspondence in English related to Trademarks, Internet and Domains.


Since 2014, I am working freelance. And I cover all kinds of translation projects relating to my customers' business. However, that is mainly legal texts. Plus, I was able to gain experience in the translation of official documents and certificates.

                                                                                                                              © Kathrin Quiram

I am happy to translate...

© Kathrin Quiram
© Kathrin Quiram

- Contracts, Terms&Conditions


- Court documents


- Official documents and certificates


- Essays, press releases



Give me a call, I'd be delighted to provide assitance.