Translation of Legal Texts

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Legal translations require a particularly high level of precision as well as extensive know-how and professional knowledge. Objective accuracy always comes first. Also, we are frequently dealing with very tight deadlines. However, on-time delivery is still a must! As well as confidentiality when it comes to your sensitive data.

The translation of legal texts is my foremost area of exertise.  I have many years of professional experience as a legal translator.  I specialize in legal translations since university, where I took diploma exams in Law and legal translations. That was in civil law, commercial law and European law.


I started my professional life in a Frankfurt/Main law firm as a Bilingual Secretary. I handled all sorts of correspondence in English, that was mainly in Trademarks, Internet and Domains. Also, I was able to work as an in-house Translator working on contracts and terms and conditions. 


In 2014, I decided to go freelance and have been working on the market ever since. Most of my clients ask for translations of contracts, service agreements, T&Cs, NDAs and sworn translations of official documents.


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It is my pleasure to translate:

- Contracts and agreements


- Terms and conditions, articles of association


- Expert's reports


- Powers of attorney


- Excerpts from the Register


- Court documents


- Records


- Deeds and official documents


- Papers, essays, press releases



Do not hesitate to call if you wish to discuss further details.

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