Interpreting Services

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It will be my pleasure to be your live and on-site translator. I offer interpreting services for any of your business events such as exhibitions and trade fairs or negotiation talks. It might also be the case that you need an interpreter for your legal marriage. Give me a call and we can discuss your needs and possible requirements.


Interpreting is not just a fun job, it is also a supreme art. It requires advanced language proficiency and a great deal of cultural instinct. You should rely on expert translators. The exact and appropriate translation of the spoken word is of vital importance - especially when it comes to intercultural business relationships. I will happily advise you on your matter and arrange for a team of qualified translators for larger projects.


I'll be happy to be your interpreter for:

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© aerogondo /

     -   Negotiations


     -   Exhibitions/trade fairs


     -   Guided tours


     -   Business events


     -   Your marriage


     -   Appointments with local authorities


Feel free to also inquire about my other services:

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© Michele /

     -   Post editing


     -   Proofreading


     -   Terminology work


     -   Intercultural training

Please contact me if you have any further questions.