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As a holder of a university degree in Translation Studies

with long-standing professional experience,

sworn translator before the Courts of Germany and

full member of the German Professionals’ Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ),

I offer high-quality translation services.


Contracts and agreements

Terms and conditions

Privacy policies

Service agreements

Articles of association

Certificates of incorporation

Expert's reports, powers of attorney

Excerpts from the register

Court documents, records

Deeds and public documents

Papers, essays, press releases

Blogs, newsletter articles

... and other documents of legal content

Sworn Translations

Birth certificates

Marriage certificates

Criminal records checks

Driving licenses

Divorce decrees, records of no marriage

Certificates of registration

(High school) certificates/diplomas

University degree certificates


... and other public documents


Financial reports and annual statements

Balance sheets, status reports

Shareholder's resulutions

Excerpts from the register

Your website and online shop

Product descriptions, catalogues

Brochures and marketing material

... or any other document related to your business operations

Food & Drink



Websites, blogs

Cook books and recipes

Guide books


Marketing material

Company policies and instructions

...and all other sorts of business documents

There is specific corporate language?

No problem. Let me know and I will use it to draft your translation.

Would you like to enter the German market and need your website translated?

Also no problem. I am happy to offer my expertise and translate your company website for the German market. Let's talk about your project.

Do you have any question on certified translations?


I'll be happy to answer any question you might have.



Read about some FAQ in my blog.


The price for a translation is determined by the number of words contained in the original source text. If you send me a scan or even a word file of the text to be translated, I can give you a quote on the price and delivery date. Upon request, I can also give my quote per standard line (55 characters) or standard pages. In case of very urgent projects (due within 24 hours), I will charge an express surcharge.

Get in touch for

an individual free quote:

Quality Management

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To all my translations (direct customers) I give:

a thourough self-revision and

an external quality check-up and editing by professional native speaker colleagues

Translation review aims at assuring

quality in the translation product.


It is an individual service of its own.

All fellow colleagues I am working with

have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

By the way:

Revision is an essential element of the translation process according to ISO standards.

I stand out for:

  • Particular care when working on your project
  • Impeccable quality in any translation to the best of my knowledge and belief
  • On-time delivery within the agreed delivery term
  • Treating any of your documents with absolute confidentiality

I treat any translation project with the highest level of care and put strong emphasis on high-quality translations. We are going to define the quality standards for your project. A service level agreement may secure the essential criteria. I will finish your translation at the earliest possible date and discuss your individual project with you personally.

I am happy to answer any question you might have and talk about your project.

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